2003 Hines Competition Finalist – Massachusetts Institute of Technology


“AnaCap: Equitable Neighborhood Partnership”

Team 0943
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

AnaCap—a new name and a new image for this historic community between the Anacostia River and the Capitol—“reknits the fragmented elements” that has broken the links between and among the city and neighborhoods surrounding the study area. Building on the strengths of its location and local and national identity, AnaCap will provide a web of public spaces along the South Capitol Street axis, around which will be organized diverse neighborhoods.

School of Architecture & Planning (SAP)
Department of Urban Studies & Planning
Dean: William Mitchell

Susanne Seitinger, MIT SAP: M.C.P. (B.A. Princeton 2001)
Carolina Simon, MIT SAP: M.C.P. (M.Arch. Savannah College of Art and Design 2001)
Michael Marrella, MIT SAP: M.C.P. (B.A. Vassar College 1999)
Robert Morgan, MIT SAP: M.S. in Real Estate Development and M.Arch. (B.S. Clemson University 1997)
Anthony Guaraldo, MIT SAP: M.Arch. (B.S. Georgia Institute of Technology 1996)

Faculty Adviser: John De Monchaux
Professional Adviser: Daniel Winny

Download Finalist Stage Entry
Download Competition Stage Entry

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