Sundance Square — 2010 Global Award for Excellence Winner

Sundance Square

Nancy Lee and Perry R. Bass Performance Hall - Overall View at Twilight. Photo credit: © Steve Hall @ Hedrich Blessing

About Sundance Square

Developer: Sundance Square Managament
Architect: David M. Schwarz Architects
Location: Fort Worth, Texas

Why Sundance Square?

Located in the heart of downtown Fort Worth, historic Sundance Square is a 38 block commercial, residential and entertainment/shopping district. In the post WWII economic decline, Fort Worth saw significant suburban flight and its downtown suffered slow and uneven development. The existing street grid was interrupted by multi-block parking decks; surface parking lots and above grade garages created unpleasant street edges for pedestrians and an overall lack of public-oriented uses along the streets. David M. Schwarz Architects began working with Sundance Square Management and a group of local property owners in 1988 on a master plan study for downtown Fort Worth. The long-term goal of the master plan was to revitalize downtown and to bring around the clock residential, commercial, entertainment, and cultural uses back to the city center.

To encourage Texans to come back to downtown, Sundance Square has focused on three amenities that they consider critical to the comfort of residents and visitors: parking, security and cleanliness. Over 6,000 new parking spaces have been created over the last 20 years. Sundance Square has made all the spaces free after 5:00 pm on weeknights, and all day on weekends and holidays. Sundance Square also has one of the most highly trained security forces in the country. Security officers patrol the area on bicycle 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Sundance Square have created their own cleaning force with the goal of keeping downtown very well maintained.

In January 2008 Sundance Square began purchasing cleaner, renewable energy to offset ten percent of its yearly energy needs for the next five years. Sundance Square’s green power purchase exceeds the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) Green Power Partnership purchase requirements. According to EPA, Sundance Square is the largest green power purchaser in Texas among EPA’s real estate partners and the second largest nationally in the real estate industry. By purchasing the renewable energy, Sundance Square will offset an estimated 8.5 million pounds of carbon dioxide. That is the equivalent of taking more than 760 cars off the road for one year, or the amount of CO2 absorbed by over 516,000 trees in one year.

Today, Sundance Square is comprised of AMC theatres, restaurants, live theatres, Bass Performance Hall, two museums, three art galleries, retail shops and boutiques, upscale residential complexes, and some of Fort Worth’s prime office space. Sundance Square’s beautiful landscaping, red-brick streets and rich architectural details make it a pedestrian’s delight. While Fort Worth continues to grow and the filling of empty sites remains a priority, the goal of creating a living downtown has come to fruition; residents have a downtown in which they can take great pride, and actively enjoy while doing so.

Sundance Square…

Sundance Square

Sundance West AMC 11 Cinemas - Cinema Entrance Facade and Marquee. Photo credit: © Jim Hedrich @ Hedrich Blessing

  • Private sector developer coordinating master plan that includes civic and cultural development
  • Conservative long term development approach producing return for developer with attention to best needs of the city
  • New construction respects historical past with attention to detail and scale while providing state of the art buildings
  • The largest green power purchaser in Texas and the second largest nationally in the real estate industry
  • Creative solutions in management – new construction, parking, security – that encourage people to come downtown

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