Riverfront Park — 2011 Global Award for Excellence Winner

Riverfront Park

About Riverfront Park

Developer/Owner: East West Partners
Master Planner: Design Workshop
Building Architects: 42|40 Architecture, Oz Architecture, Preston Partnership, Humprhies Poli Architects
Bridge Architect: Architecture Denver
Park Planner: Civitas, Inc.
Museum Architect: David Adjaye
Location: Denver, Colorado

Why Riverfront Park?

Riverfront Park is the culmination of a twenty-five year collaboration to create in downtown Denver a viable and vibrant residential community. Built under a ground breaking, form based zoning code, the development encompasses 1,430 privately developed, for-sale, for-rent and affordable homes. An example of true urbanism, the neighborhood fits within the city’s grid. Residents cross railroad tracks, an interstate and a river via four pedestrian bridges, each funded through a combination of public and private investment. They play, wander, skate, swim and walk their dogs in four different parks built by the state, the city, the developer, donors and residents. They ride buses and trains to work. Built on a brownfield, the project was an early model of sustainability: environmental, financial and communal. It connected the city’s core to adjacent neighborhoods, catalyzed commercial development, and gave rise to a thriving arts community. Today, Riverfront Park is older sister to the adjacent redevelopment of Denver’s historic Union Station.

Riverfront Park…
Riverfront Park

  • Demonstrated the power of public/private collaboration.
  • Reclaimed for the city its waterfront and birthplace from an abandoned railyard.
  • Brought people to the city’s core and connected them to their neighbors.
  • Created a new model of master-planned residential community with the city as its “amenity package.”
  • Catalyzed investment in open space, commercial development, arts facilities and programs, and transit infrastructure.

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