Power House — 2012 Global Award for Excellence Finalist

Power House

North and east interior elevations remain untouched by the new floors, Creating a three‐story gallery and allowing daylight to be shared by all. Photo credit: Gayle Babcock/Architectural Imageworks Photography

About Power House

Developer, Owner and Architect: Cannon Design
Location: St. Louis, Missouri

Why the Power House?

In September 2009, after standing vacant for nearly 30 years, the Municipal Power House building in downtown St. Louis opened as the new offices of Cannon Design. A year earlier, the firm had purchased the 19,000 sf building — providing all design, development, and construction management services for its restoration, renovation and adaptive reuse–an investment that represents the firm’s confidence in the future of St. Louis. Constructed in 1928 and still occupying an entire city block, the Power House was an original part of the Municipal Service Building–providing parking space for city vehicles, a fire department and an electric substation. The Power House component, designated as a landmark by the National Historic Register, provided coal-fired steam heat to a dozen downtown buildings, but was decommisssioned by the City in 1980.



Once a 1920’s coal‐fired power station, today is the site of Cannon Design’s St. Louis office. Photo credit: Gayle Babcock/Architectural Imageworks Photography

The Power House…

  • Since its completion, the Power House has achieved LEED Gold status.
  • The design showcases not only the facility’s new construction, but emphasizes its original historic character.
  • The final design floats 2 separate floor places above the ground floor inside the tall volume, creating 2 additional floors.
  • The final design retains the original steel structure: a set of eight columns and trusswork.
  • New floors are set back from the spectacular preserved arched windows, creating a gallery space for the community.

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