Perseo — 2011 Global Award for Excellence Winner


About Perseo

Developer: Galotti S.p.A.
Owner: Quorum SGRpA
Architect: FGS Goring & Straja Architects (building), Mutstudio Architecttura Urbanistica (landscape)
Location: Milan, Italy

Why Perseo?

The location, never used before for building purposes, rises in the Expo 2015 District. The building potential is 11.294 sqm of SLP, developed in 20.671 sqm of built area with a wide basement space and urbanized external areas for the Municipality Government Department. The project was intended, with no budget limits, to achieve a product of new concept. The development unifies 2 bodies connected at all levels by a transversal “bridge”, that can be divided in floors and semi-floors maintaining autonomy for the regulation of air-conditioning in every working environment. The rationality of space geometries allows a ratio of 11,3 sqm per working place, among SLD of 11.294 sqm and 996 working places. A required target, achieved as first distinctive asset, was Energy Class A that proves the substantial absence of CO2 emissions. Consumptions are 5,9 kWh/m3a over a consumptions scale up to > 65 kWh/m3a. The whole building was leased to a huge tenant: Sole 24Ore SpA. The interested showed by the market allows the owner to direct the divestment in the most suitable time and conditions.

Perseo is…


  • The first “Triple A” building in Italy
  • Grade A: strategic location, architecture of great impact
  • Energy Class A: highest technology in order to save 50% of costs for hot water production, heating and cooling
  • Efficiency of the spaces: 996 working places in 11.294 sqm, with a ratio of 11,3 sqm per working place
  • High quality of the internal working environment: Class A in compliance with UNI Regulations

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