New Hope Housing at Bray’s Crossing — 2011 Global Award for Excellence Winner

New Hope Housing at Brays Crossing

About New Hope Housing at Bray’s Crossing

Developer: New Hope Housing, Inc.
Owner: FDI-Houston, SRO, Ltd.
Architect: Ernesto L. Maldonado, AIA, Glassman Shoemake Maldonado Architects
Artists: Carmen Lomas Garza (mural), Kim Clark Renteria (stained glass)
Location: Houston, Texas

Why New Hope Housing at Brays Crossing?

As a true nonprofit, New Hope’s core purpose is to create life-stabilizing affordable apartment homes with a sense of dignity for adults living alone on extremely limited incomes (~$1,200/mo.). New Hope is committed to the development and operation of single room occupancy (SRO) efficiency apartments with supportive services — a vital communnity need.
In 2006, the city of Houston approached New Hope to redevelop the former HouTex Inn, built in 1963 to house NASA contractors, and to replace it with an important community asset – Bray’s Crossing. Located on a major freeway, the property was crime-ridden, certified public nuisance. As New Hope’s fourth SRO development, Bray’s offers a dignified, positive environment for 149 low-income citizens. It also serves as a foundation for a large public art display integral to the building design and beautifying the freeway frontage road. Situated on 1.9 acres (75.74 units/acre) in Houston’s Hispanic East End, Bray’s is 100% occupied — a true testament to the community need for this type of housing program.

New Hope Housing at Bray’s Crossing…

New Hope Housing at Bray's Crossing

  • Rehabilitated a community eyesore with important art components attractive to commuters and the neighborhood.
  • Used significant City funds and private foundation grants to leverage first property financed partly with Housing Tax Credits.
  • Incorporated whimsical, steel murals, based on Mexican cultural themes, run the length of the entire property.
  • Brought 45-year old property into full code compliance; affordable housing built to market-rate housing standards.
  • Offers permanent housing to challenged population, making economics work without government rent subsidies.

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