Marina Barrage — 2011 Global Award for Excellence Winner

Marina Barrage

Mega Line Dance event at the facility

About the Marina Barrage

Developer/Owner: PUB, the national water agency
Architect: Architects Team 3 Pte Ltd.
Location: Singapore

Why the Marina Barrage?

Spanning the mouth of the Marina Channel, Marina Barrage creates Singapore’s 15th resevoir and it’s first in the heart of the city. The barrage creates a freshwater lake to boost Singapore’s water supply, collecting rainwater runoff from approximately one-sixth of Singapore. It acts as a tidal barrier to prevent flooding in low-lying city areas, and keeps the water level consistent, offering a venue for water-based activities in the heart of the city. But more than an engineering showpiece, Marina Barrage is designed, constructed and operated on green principles, exemplifying Singapore’s holistic approach to sustainable water management.

Marina Barrage…

Marina Barrage

Sustainable Singapore Gallery features the active beautiful Clean Waters Program

  • Educates the community on important environmental and water issues, creates a new recreational hotspot for people to enjoy, and enhances the overall quality of living in Singapore.
  • Is a unique project offering multiple benefits beyond its core functions of water supply and flood control.
  • Is one of the smallest, but it collects water from the largest and most urbanized parts of Singapore.
  • Is designed, constructed and operated on green principles, it is an exemplar of environmental sustainability.
  • Has a public facility without an entrace or exit, reflecting PUB’s approach to water management.

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