Manitoba Hydro Place — 2012 Global Awards for Excellence Winner

Manitoba Hydro Place

About Manitoba Hydro Place

Owner: Manitoba Hydro. Client Reference: Mr. Thomas Akerstream
Designer: Kuwabara Payne McKenna Blumberg Architects (Design Architects), Smith Carter Architects and Engineers
(Executive Architects), Prairie Architects Inc. (Advocate Architects); Transsolar (climate engineers)
Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Why Manitoba Hydro Place?

Manitoba Hydro Place is a state-of-the art energy efficient, cost-effective structure exemplar of sustainable development. While meeting the business needs of Manitoba Hydro, the office building was designed to catalyse revitalization in Winnipeg’s downtown. The original goal was to achieve 60% reduction in energy consumption compared to the Canadian Model National Energy Code for Buildings. As of March 2011 performance-to-date points to a 67 per cent reduction in energy use. the healthy workplace environment with 100% fresh air and natural light has resulted in the reduction of absenteeism, greater productivity and over $1.0 million savings in operating costs. By bringing many divisions and departments together in one downtown location from the suburbs, travel time to meetings has been reduced and 70% employees now take public transit contributing to lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Since opening, the building has catalyzed significant cultural and civic shifts. In the previous suburban offices of Manitoba Hydro, 90% of employees drove alone to work; now 90% are taking public transit. Employees are enjoying the collaborative, open work space, fresh air and views, and opportunities to meet and interact with colleagues across departments. The influx of 2000 employees from the suburbs to downtown Winnipeg is already having an impact on the economy and, more importantly, to civic pride.

Manitoba Hydro Place incorporates…

Main façade on Portage Avenue. Photo credit: Gerry Kopelow

  • A Private/Public partnership: Manitoba Hydro committed to construct an office building in downtown Winnipeg.
  • Extreme Energy Efficiency: 65 per cent less energy than a comparable office building of conventional design.
  • A Local/Global Model: demonstrates value of IDP to achieve innovation, excellence, sustainability and urban design while creating a site specific solution that addresses local climate, context, culture and contributes to community/city building

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