Madison at 14th Apartments — 2010 Global Award for Excellence Winner

Madison at 14th Apartments

About the Madison at 14th Apartments

Developer/Owner: Affordable Housing Associates, Berkeley, CA
Architect: Leddy Maytum Stacy Architects
Location: Oakland, California

Why the Madison at 14th Apartments?

Madison at 14th Apartments combines award-winning contemporary architecture with a mission. The eight-story mid-rise built in downtown Oakland on a former parking lot incorporates progressive green building with fresh interiors to provide a variety of unit types that are all affordable to families earning between 30 and 60% of the area median income. The striking design, recognized nationally by the AIA, provides 79 apartments, 53 parking spaces, and retreat-like open spaces at a density of 241 DU per acre. A key aspect of Madison at 14th is the inclusion of housing opportunities and services for 20 former foster youth, thousands of whom emancipate from the foster care system each year at age 18 with no family support and no society safety net. Without stable housing, these youth face nearly impossible roadblocks to success and independence. In California, 65% of foster youth leave the system without a home to move into; nearly 40% of all youth discharged will be homeless within 18 months and 25% will become incarcerated within two years.

In addition to the innovative services model, Madison at 14th offers exceptional design. The challenge for Ledy Maytum Stacy Architects was to create a high density (241 units per acre), 21st century building in an art decod and 60s style downtown neighborhood. Their approach combines generous windows, concrete structure and colorful panels that are carefully crafted to create an expressive patchwork design that responds to the neighborhood context.

The Madison at 14th Apartments…

Madison at 14th Apartments

  • Innovative model for former foster youth that combines housing with job training, education and life-skills programs
  • Award-winning original design that achieves very high density while responding to historical uses in local context
  • Creative finance plan leveraged 15 different public and private funding sources to complete the $31 million project
  • Vibrant mixed-use building transformed a shabby lot in the heart of downtown with thriving retail tenants and housing
  • Healthy living for low income families that incorporates renewable energy, non-toxic materials, ample natural light and air

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