Life Hub @ Jinqiao — 2012 Global Award for Excellence Winner

Life Hub @ Jinqiao

Night view of extension of central piazza.

About Life Hub

Developer: Shanghai Edmonton Real Estate Co., Ltd.
Owner: MSREF V Investments (China) Ltd. & Chongbang Development Limited.
Architect: Palmer & Turner Consultants (Shanghai) Ltd.
Location: Shanghai, China

Why Life Hub?

Life Hub @ Jinqiao, a 180,000 sq.m retail-anchored mixed use development project, is located at Jinqiao, a residential and industrial precinct in Pudong New District, Shanghai, China. With an FAR of 1.68, its 100,000 sq.m above ground, in 11 buildings designed to articulate modern Chinese architecture for the emerging middle class (simple, functional, trendy and user friendly), comprise: 16,000 sq.m of office; 37,000 sq.m of retail; 27,000 sq.m of food & beverage; 12,000 sq.m of entertainment; 2,700 sq.m of education & culture; and 5,300 sq.m of services. Its 80,000 sq.m below ground consist of 14,000 sq.m of hyper market and 66,000 sq.m of parking (1,200 carparking spaces) and plant rooms. Among the 11 buildings are landscaped courtyards, piazzas and pedestrian promenades, aptly hallmarked as “a mall within a park, a park within a mall.”

Life Hub

Cassette tape exhibition featuring artists of that era

Life Hub @ Jinqiao…

  • Transformed a sleepy residential and industrial area into a vibrant commercial hub.
  • Created a bench mark for retail-anchored mixed-use projects for the emerging middle class in Shanghai.
  • Added a new meaning to LOHAS – Love, Originality, Health, Art and Style.
  • Made art and culture an integral part of a retail and commercial platform.
  • Created a win-win partnership among consumers, retailers, the government and the developer.

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