Greenbelt 5 — 2010 Global Award for Excellence Winner

Greenbelt 5

About Greenbelt 5

Developer: Ayala Land Inc
Location: Makati City, Philippines

Why Greenbelt 5?

Greenbelt 5 is the most recent phase in the continuing development of Greenbelt, a multi-award-winning lifestyle center located in Makati City, Manila’s Central Business District. A world-class development that highlights the best the Philippines has to offer in terms of art, architecture and design while pioneering the introduction of sustainable building practices in the country and providing valuable public space that raises the quality of life of the community. Greenbelt 5 completes the mix of the complex with an upscale fashion shopping destination in addition to existing dining and entertainment offerings. The four-level (48,680 sqm) shopping center showcases the best of Filipino artistry and ingenuity alongside international luxury brands and offers open spaces for public events amidst the lush oasis of Greenbelt Park. It builds on sustainability and connectivity principles initiated in previous Greenbelt projects, expanding the park and improving linkages to surrounding areas.
Building on the successful elements of the award-winning Greenbelt 3, the new center expands the park and open areas, integrating al fresco dining areas, pedestrian walkways, and open spaces for public events. To enhance the open atmosphere of the surrounding parks, the interiors of the shopping area feature high ceilings and glass enclosures that bring the outdoors inside and give a sense of lightness and expansion. Integrating with the CBD’s system of walkways, Greenbelt 5’s bridgeways and landscaped pedestrian paths improve connectivity with neighboring areas, providing linkages with the nearby residential and office buildings. Institutions within the center, such as a chapel and the Ayala Museum were preserved and enhance. All these gestures turn the shopping centre into a landmark public space for the community.

Greenbelt 5…

Greenbelt 5

A gathering area for possible performances, shows, and exhibitions. The space is conceived by composition of geometrically abstracted sculptural terraces in acid washed marble, inspired by the stepped terraces of the north.

  • Is designed with architectural features that has a distinct Filipino touch while keeping its modern & world class appeal.
  • Is designed with all the elements of a landmark public place, revitalizing the community-in turn commanding higher rent.
  • Spurred further development of the area which uplifts quality of life for residents & office worker in the district.
  • Integrates system of walkways and series of linkages with nearby residential and office buildings.
  • Preserves institutions within the center, such as chapel and museum turning it into a landmark for the community.

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