Euclid Avenue Transportation Project — 2011 Global Award for Excellence Winner

Euclid Avenue Transportation Project

Waiting stations are welcoming, comfortable and easy to find; transit travel time along the 6.8

About the Euclid Avenue Transportation Project

Developer: The Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority
Location: Cleveland, Ohio

Why the Euclid Avenue Transportation Project

Cleveland’s Euclid Avenue is being transformed by a strategic $200 million investment in a Bus Rapid Transit Corridor, which has catalyzed $4.7 billion dollars in spin-off investment. The Euclid Corridor Transportation Project (ECTP) has resulted in approximately 11,420,000 square feet of new development, either completed, under construction, or planned, and was accomplished for 1/4 of the cost of light rail. The improved streetscape and new transit infrastructure lies along Cleveland’s the historic main street, connecting the Cleveland Central Business District with the University Circle district, along with major cultural, medical, and education districts. It has helped Cleveland regain its footing and changed the perception of the city as a place to work, live and reinvest. The ECTP was the pilot project of the Federal Transit Administration to evaluate the viability of Bus Rapid Transit in the United States; the idea of the System is to provide the quality of rail transit, while benefiting from the flexibility of buses. The Corridor opened for service as the Euclid HealthLine in October 2008, and ridership has increased over 54%.

The Euclid Avenue Transportation project…

  • is a major economic generator that has helped catalyze approximately $4.7 billion in investment.
  • represents a success story achieved through a complex public-private partnership of multiple stakeholders.
  • has demonstrated success with a 54% ridership increase utilizing clean, hybrid bus technology.
  • is a model complete street, with mobility improvements for transit, bicycles, auto drivers, and pedestrians.
  • offers a model that can be emulated by nearly any other city in the US.

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