Dragon Lake Bridge Park — 2010 Global Award for Excellence Winner

Dragon Lake Bridge Park

The rock beach acts as playground popular for families and kids. The beach encourages people to get back to nature and enjoy.

About Dragon Lake Bridge Park

Developer/Owner: Xincheng Comprehensive Development Zone Bengbu
Architect: AECOM (master planning, landscape and architectural design), SZCZ Architects (concept design)
Location: Bengbu, Anhui Province, China

Why Dragon Lake Bridge Park?

Bengbu Dragon Bridge Park stands out as a consummate success in client partnership and constructed built works. It is repositioning the city as a Lake City, establishing the Lake District as the image and identity for Bengbu. Created as a public domain for people to recreation, activity, and educational, the park is popular for their design innovation, quality, aesthetics, and sustainable. It has improved the land value surround, creating an attractive tourism, commercial and residential destination, attracting investment of the oversea and domestic, creating good opportunity to the commercial market.
In Chinese, Bengbu translates into Clam Wharf, echoing the city’s heritage as a freshwater pearl fishery. As the name suggests, the city’s relationship with the adjacent body of water is the key component of both Bengbu’s origins and character. In recent years, however, owing to rapid industrial development and urbanization, Dragon Lake had become eutrophic, and its water quality had deteriorated to a point where human contact was no longer recommended. What Bengbu needed was a facelift. The masterplan identifies three major objectives in order to achieve this: first, the improvement of water quality as a key landscape design aim; second, the enrichment of cultural and recreational offerings available to the larger community; and last, the establishment of a new lake district and a signature lakeside park at the western shore that provides a meaningful interface between the city and lake – the foundation upon which to develop a progressive lakeside city.
The Dragon Lake Bridge Park, which comprises a total of 25 hectares of public open space, acts as an east-west artery for the city, and the western gateway for the larger community. The end product is a signature lakeside park that reflects the culture and history of the place, and shapes future of Bengbu as an aesthetically, environmentally, culturally and economically prosperous lakefront city.

The original topography surrounding the lake has been translated into a terraced landscape, allowing for a continuous flow of visitors alongside the lake, while a succession of urban nodes links the waterside promenade with the city and thereby activates the lakeside. Alongside the urban edge of the lake, local plant species have been selected to anchor the site to its natural context, to create a linked series of natural habitats, and to minimize irrigation and maintenance costs. This localism and ecological sensitivity was further achieved through low-impact design principles such as the use of multi-modes of energy-saving lighting and by drawing on traditional methods for the design of architectural components.

The Dragon Lake Bridge Park…

Dragon Lake Bridge Park

Service facilities: seamless transition. Plantings are used to draw the indoor functions outwards, reflecting traditional architecture characteristics.

  • Enrich cultural and recreational offerings available to the larger community.
  • Improve water quality.
  • Reflect Chinese culture and history by modern approaches.
  • Success of the project during design and implementation result from public feedback & comments collection system.
  • Establish a new lake district and a signature lakeside park in the city.

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