Citilab — 2010 Global Award for Excellence Winner


About Citilab

Developer: Fundació per a la promoció de la societat del coneixement
Owner: Ajuntament de Cornellà del Llobregat
Architect: Julià Arquitectes Associats, S.L.
Location: Barcelona, Spain

Why Citilab?

Citilab is a center for social digital innovation near Barcelona. It spreads its impact on creative thinking, design and innovation that stems from digital culture. Previously, it was a textile factory that was abandoned after the last industrial crisis in the area. The development has 5000 m2 and is in the middle of a renews neighbourhood. Of this area, approximately 1000 m2 are leased to start ups. An additional 1000 m2 are devoted to use for citizens, associations, entrepreneurs or for companies.

Citilab is a mix between a training center, a research center, and a business and social incubator. Its main working methods are design thinking and user centered innovation.

Citilab started from the idea that digital technologies and especifically the internet created new rules for innovation. It takes Internet as an environment of innovation that is based on a collaborative and inclusive way to innovate with the citizen at the center of the process.

Citilab is organized into the following areas: Cities and Citizens, Education and Learning Environments, Social and Economic Impact, Design and Innovation processes and Social Media Lab.



  • Embodiment of innovation processes of knowledge society with citizens,
    extending the traditional Triple Helix model
  • It works as an engine of change in and around the city
  • Coordination at international level with networks of living labs
  • Strategic investment by the city
  • Organizational model that can be replicated in other places (there several
    projects in Spain starting as well as other international offers for cooperation)

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