Andares — 2010 Global Award for Excellence Winner


About Andares

Developer: Desarrolladora Mexicana de Inmuebles S.A. de C.V.
Owner: Eduardo Leaño.
Architect: Javier Sordo Madaleno
Location: Guadalajara, Mexico

Why Andares?

From the beginning, Andares was thought as the most imposing development ever created in Guadalajara. Andares is a mega-development that extends over 33.35 acres, a total building area of 564,845.87m2, composing a FAR of 4.25 and a density of 187 living units. It offers in one place, a splendid lifestyle by combining the biggest shopping centre in the west of México, 9 apartment buildings, 2 business towers and a special category hotel with branded residences.

The budget that was required for the construction was of $320,000,000. dlls. In 2009 alone Andares was the biggest private investment in Mexico. As for planning and approvals there are four permits needed: urbanization, land use, construction and habitability. There was a 5 track road access –the first privately financed in the state – and an electrical plant substation needed in the development for the government’s approval.
The shopping center is divided in two main areas, the Paseo Andares VIP and the interior shopping center. The Paseo Andares VIP lives in Andares boulevard, in which the north premises are coffee shops and restaurants, which have terraces and a sidewalk for the location of tables. In the south premises, located below the apartment building, the VIP stores are located.

Andares is…

  • The first mixed use development in Guadalajara, combining a shopping centre with 197 stores and 37 islands and kiosks, 9 towers with 187 apartments, 2 corporate buildings and a special category hotel.
  • A sustainable project. Some of the sustainable technologies that were used on this project are: A water treatment plant, lightning control systems for low power consumption, such as LEDs -amongst others-, water features, control of voice and data (telephone), parking systems for the control of carbon monoxide and smoke detection, control system and air conditioning systems, and finally a system was implemented for the control of emergency, such as hydropneumatics, fire detection and extraction.
  • Innovation in construction. In the construction new structural technologies were incorporated, such as the omega slabs, commonly referred as whale slabs, used in the subterranean parking lot. The flown structure in the food court is a unique design based on a metallic structure, as well as the novelty of the flown ceilings made out of polyurethane.
  • Lifestyle concept / tenant mix. The tenant mix brought to the city a new offer, improving the lifestyle of the city.
  • Design and conceptualization by the prestigious architect Javier Sordo Madaleno and his associates. The lines, textures, colors and spaces, a fusion of traditional Mexican architecture with the global contemporary architecture, have made Javier Sordo Madaleno a worthy representative of contemporary Mexican architecture on a global scale.

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