Real Estate Associate Program

REAP program participants

From left: Ivry Atlee (2010 REAP NY graduate); Derryl Zimmerman (REAP NY planning committee); Annie Yao (2006 REAP NY graduate)

The Real Estate Associate Program (REAP) is widely acknowledged to be the most successful diversity initiative in the commercial real estate industry. This market-driven program serves as a bridge between talented minority professionals and commercial real estate companies looking for talent.

Over 80 REAP Associates now work for leading firms in the industry, from London to Los Angeles, New York to New Mexico. The program was launched in Washington in 1997, in Atlanta in 2001, in New York City in 2006, in Chicago in 2009 and in Los Angeles in 2011.

ULI is proud to support REAP. Some examples:

Learn more about diversity initiatives in the real estate industry in Urban Land online magazine.  Learn more about ProjectReap at their web site,