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Commercial corridors present a cross-cutting challenge and opportunity for land-use and development. While these auto-dominated roadways characterize past patterns of successful business and infrastructure investment, in many places these corridors have devolved, creating a host of economic, safety, environmental, aesthetic and redevelopment challenges.

Around the United States, many urban and suburban communities are experimenting with how to reshape these spaces in order to revitalize lagging business districts, attract and retain residents, and to provide enhanced transit options to serve all users.

ULI’s networks and Centers have been highly involved in some of these efforts. Here, you’ll find helpful resources from ULI and other organizations about the strategies, tools, and tactics of commercial corridor and neighborhood revitalization.

Publications are listed in broad categories of source and publication type. Understandably, this list is not comprehensive but we hope this information useful.

If you’d like more detail about ULI’s work or other resources, we encourage you to contact our Resource Library or other relevant ULI content experts.


ULI Resources


Urban Land articles:

ULI Publications:

Web posts:


Advisory Services Panel reports:

Daniel Rose Fellowship Land Use Challenges:

District Council – technical assistance panels:

  • ULI Atlanta – Fulton Industrial Community Improvement District (CID) and Atlanta Streetcar Report
  • ULI Boston – Howard Street Corridor Framingham, Massachusetts
  • ULI Chicago – Irving Park Road Corridor Hanover Park, IL and Devon Avenue Corridor Lincolnwood and Chicago, IL
  • ULI Los Angeles – City of Baldwin Park Civic Center Site
  • ULI Northwest  – Growing Transit Communities
  • ULI Orange County/Inland Empire – Balboa Village Newport Beach, CA and City of Corona TOD
  • ULI San Diego/Tijuana – Transit Oriented Development Site (City of National City)
  • ULI SE Florida/Caribbean – The City of West Palm Beach, Florida, South Dixie Highway Corridor
  • ULI St. Louis – I-170/Olive Blvd. Joint Redevelopment Task Force
  • ULI Toronto – Weston 2021
  • ULI Washington – Indian Head Rail Trail, Charles Country, MD, Bowie State MARC Station, and Metro Green Line Corridor Prince George’s County

Non-ULI resources


Further topical research can be found on the following websites:

For Complete Streets information:

Examples of solutions from other communities:

Other relevant publications, reports, and books:


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