2011 Shaw Forum: The Future of Publicly Financed Redevelopment

Shaw Forum - Kathy Rosenow

In June 2011, the ULI Rose Center hosted private and public officials in San Francisco for an interdisciplinary discussion of the right role for public urban development. Titled “The Future of Publicly Financed Redevelopment,” the event used California Governor Jerry Brown’s proposal to eliminate all funding for redevelopment agencies (RDAs) in order to redirect state funding to other services and education as a platform for debate.

Participants from within California and from other cities shared their insights on the role that redevelopment tools play in the economic and community revitalization of urban neighborhoods. Considering case studies from across the country, Shaw Forum participants also attempted to focus on what the responsible and significant components of redevelopment were and how local leaders—especially those in California—could address these topics in current debate.

Since the meeting in June, the California Supreme Court upheld the state of California’s constitutional authority to dissolve redevelopment agencies and, thus, supported Governor Brown’s move to dissolve RDAs. Shaw Forum participants met again in April 2012 to discuss the process and what the decision meant for the next generation of redevelopment looks like for cities and counties engaged in urban redevelopment programs.

See the 2011 ULI Shaw Forum attendees.

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