Building Healthy Places at the Fall Meeting

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The 2013 Fall Meeting in Chicago had a number of great sessions related to Building Healthy Places. Below are links to session summaries and Urban Land write-ups that include information and media from the sessions.

Session Summaries

Concurrent Sessions: The concurrent sessions Making Healthy Places Happen and Building Healthy Places: New Opportunities for Doing Well and Good focused on ways to integrate health into urban form and development projects.

Concurrent Sessions on Office and Residential: The concurrent sessions that focused on office and residential development, Creating Holistically Healthy Work Environments and Building Healthy, Wealthy, and Wiser, looked at how health is being integrated into office buildings by focusing on the health and wellness of employees and into various types of residential developments.

Darwin’s Retail: Survival of the Fittest: This session focused on retail explored the revival of brick-and-mortar retail and ways to enhance competitiveness of shopping centers in an era of e-commerce.

General Sessions: In addition to the Building Healthy Places focused sessions, several speakers at the General Sessions focused on connections between health and real estate.


Urban Land Articles

Making Healthy Places Happen, by Kathleen McCormick.

Building Healthy Places: Doing Well and Good, by Kathleen McCormick.

Healthier Work Environments Attracts Top Tenants, Talent, by Kathleen McCormick.

Incorporating Healthy Practices into New Residential Development, by Kathleen McCormick.

Darwin’s Retail: Survival of the Fittest, by Brett Widness.

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