RE:SHAPING CITIES – Post-pandemic perspectives (Full series)


July 16, 2020 - October 8, 2020
11:00 am - 12:00 pm EDT

We are living in challenging times. ULI and the Sharing Cities Alliance invite you to join us to learn about opportunities for change in our post-pandemic world.

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In this environment, predicting how the future will unfold is next to impossible. However, we know that technological, social, and environmental developments within our societies are changing the way we live, work, learn, and play. We know that resilience is essential to our ability to adapt and resilience is born, in part, from information exchange and problem solving. Therefore, it is critical to exchange insights and try to turn challenges into opportunities, together. We invite you to participate in this learning experience designed to expose you to different people sharing their experiences and perspectives.

Join ULI experts and your host, Harmen van Sprang, cofounder of shareNL and the Sharing Cities Alliance, for a series of “just in time” educational webinars where you will hear from leading experts around the world on managing through disruptions in their fields. Benefit from the knowledge of two broad and diverse networks of cross-disciplinary thought leaders to position yourself proactively to address the future of our cities holistically and thoughtfully. Through this live webinar series, you will be invited to share your own ideas and engage in thought-provoking conversations with your peers. Take a moment out of your day to gain insights into and new perspectives on the post-pandemic city to be the visionary that your community needs to thrive.

This eight-session educational series is presented in one-hour topical segments throughout the summer by ULI Learning.

Speaker Bio
Harmen van Sprang is a forward thinker. With his firm he helps business leaders and through his foundation he empowers city leaders to adapt to an ever-changing world. Harmen made his mark with the emerging sharing economy. Now, he inspires and advises prominent private and public organizations that sense and see the need to transform towards a more social, sustainable, and shared society. Harmen is experienced in industries such as real estate, transportation, travel, retail, insurance, and logistics. In addition, he consults with cities including Washington, D.C., New York, Toronto, Amsterdam, Cape Town, Singapore, and Seoul. Harmen is a globally renowned speaker and has also co-authored an award winning business book.