ULI Europe Digital Programme: City Competitiveness – Different Pathways to Success


September 23, 2020
12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

This CPD-certified webinar has now taken place. Watch in on-demand on Knowledge Finder.

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This CPD-certified webinar has now taken place. Watch it on-demand on Knowledge Finder.

Webinar Summary

The challenge of developing and maintaining a competitive edge is of importance for cities around the world. For every city this issue is framed differently.
For example, it could be determined by distinct pressures and challenges posed by the country’s history, economic structure, size or strategic role. Businesses and talent are increasingly becoming more mobile and attracted to cities that offer both liveability and innovation. And, at the same time, investors are focusing exclusively on such cities as well, leading to an increasing competition amongst cities for investment and talent.
In this session, we will explore different strategies that cities across Europe have implemented to enhance their competitiveness and how investors are assessing city competitiveness to drive their investment strategies.
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This webinar is CPD certified. Regardless of industry or sector, most people are now required to undertake CPD (Continuous Professional Development). The updating of skills and knowledge is critical in keeping abreast of industry changes, maintaining professional competence and ensuring that qualifications do not become obsolete. Anyone who is a member of a professional body or institution are automatically expected to do CPD as a requirement of individual membership. In addition, most employers now require all their employees to undertake CPD regardless of role or responsibility. This webinar counts towards 1 hour of training and after completing the webinar you can request your ‘Certificate of Attendance’ directly through the CPD Certification Service.
Webinar Series
This is the first webinar in the series looking at "Rebuild: Creating liveable and resilient cities".
Other webinars in this series include:

The 2020 ULI Europe Digital Programme Autumn Series: Rebuild, Reshape and Rethink

Join one of our webinars this Autumn on the central theme of "Rebuild, Reshape and Rethink: Preparing for a new built world". We will explore each of these concepts through webinars grouped into series, including:
  • Rebuild: Creating liveable and resilient cities
  • Reshape: Evolving real estate formats to meet consumer needs
  • Rethink: Innovation, finance and new solutions for real estate


Lisette van Doorn

Chief Executive Officer, Europe Urban Land Institute

As chief executive of ULI Europe, Lisette van Doorn is responsible for the development of the Institute’s activities across the region, including its renowned pan-European conferences and over 250 local meetings and events across 14 countries. She is responsible for working with ULI’s staff both locally and globally to deliver …

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Alice Breheny

Global Co-Head of Research Nuveen Real Estate

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Ute Schneider

Partner KCAP architects & planners

Ute Schneider studied architecture at Technical University in Konstanz and the University in Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, and Delft and graduated in Stuttgart. During her studies, she worked for various German and Dutch architectural offices inter alia for Neutelings Riedijk Architecten in Rotterdam, where she continued her professional career after graduation. In …

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Nikolaj Lubanski

Copenhagen Capacity

Nikolaj Lubanski is Director for Talent Attraction at Copenhagen Capacity, the official investment promotion agency of Greater Copenhagen. In Copenhagen Capacity, he assists Danish companies in attracting the right highly skilled international candidates – and has innovated the way in which we reach the attention of the international candidates through …

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Manfred Guenterberg

Member of the Executive Board Wolfsburg AG

Manfred Guenterberg is a member of the Management Board of Wolfsburg AG and in charge for Finance, Accounting, Investments and Real Estate Developments. Wolfsburg AG is one of the most successful Public Private Partnership companies in Europe with their two shareholders Volkswagen and the City of Wolfsburg. Manfred has a …

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