Asian Cities 2021 (Full Programme)


2021-06-15 - 2021-08-06

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Full Programme: USD1,150
(All five cities sessions, plus special features session)


As the world hopefully emerges from the global pandemic the emphasis in terms of real estate development and investment together with a large proportion of the global construction effort is shifting to further explore the potential of Asia. This programme focuses attention on arguably 5 of the most exciting city environments in the region. It is industry-led and case study driven and unique in its approach to the land conversion process. The programme is designed to encourage participants to explore new skills and enhance problem-solving capabilities under the guidance and expertise of some of the most experienced senior business leaders in Asia. The subject focus is business oriented involving industry-based, presentations and webinars together with the opportunity to review and discuss selective investments and developments in the cities.

This is an 8-week programme commencing mid-June delivered in a sequential format starting with Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, Seoul, and Tokyo, with a Special Features week providing an interesting review of new initiatives and strategies from outside the immediate region including UK, Australia, and India.

Live webinar sessions will normally commence at 3:30pm on a daily basis although may be subject to change, please see the schedule tab of each session for more information. All live and pre-recorded video sessions will be made accessible on-demand.
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Programme Pricing:
(All five cities sessions, plus special features session)

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