Executive Small-Scale Development Program

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February 28, 2013 @ 3:00 pm
March 1, 2013 @ 5:00 pm
Renaissance New Orleans Arts Hotel
700 Tchoupitoulas Street
New Orleans, LA 70130 United States
(504) 613-2330
David Mulvihill, Vice President, Professional Development


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About the Program

Please note that new participants wishing to attend one of the 2013 programs are required to fill out an application for acceptance to the program.

Download the Application

Participants in the 2012 Executive Small Scale Program do not need to re-apply and can register online at the bottom of this page.

The registration fee for this program is $795 and includes a networking reception and dinner, continental breakfast, a networking lunch, and study tour of a local project.

Apply today to be a part of it!

Join other entrepreneurial developers who are focused on infill and smaller-scale projects for this exclusive ULI members only program. Through the ULI Executive Small Scale Development Program, you will have the opportunity to connect with peers in the industry from across the country. In addition to the in-person program, you will become part of a growing network of professionals sharing their experiences beyond the classroom in online venues and networking events at the ULI Fall Meeting.

The result is an intimate alliance of professionals engaged in an ongoing exchange of best practices in the niche are of small-scale and infill development. You will hear new ideas while you candidly discuss solutions to your or your peers’ projects.


Jim Heid

Heid is a strategic real estate adviser and development consultant with a passion for realizing a more sustainable built environment. His pioneering work in sustainable community design began in 1996 as the principal author of several ULI courses and publications on sustainable community development.
His leadership continues today as a member of ULI’s Climate, Land Use, and Energy (CLUE) Committee, as a founding member of the Responsible Property Investing Council, and an expert adviser to BioRegional’s One Planet Living program.

Known for his practical but aspirational approach to sustainable real estate, he works with proven tools and best practices as a way to communicate the value of better forms of development. Heid is sought out for his ability to effectively resolve the complex layers of sustainable community design and real estate development. He works with clients and stakeholders to achieve implementable projects without compromising environmental, economic, or design objectives. His firm, UrbanGreen, advises governments, real estate developers, and capital market providers seeking tangible answers to the rapidly evolving discussion of sustainable real estate.

Trained as a landscape architect, he received his master’s degree in real estate development from the
Massachusetts Institute of Technology as way to more effectively integrate the realms of economics, development and design.

We are no longer accepting online registrations for this event.

Program Goals and Guiding Principles

In addition to being devoted exclusively to smaller-scale developers, the Executive Program series is designed to be unique in its content, delivery, and outcomes.

The Goal of Each Program is:

  • Collegial: Participants will share problems, ideas, and solutions with people who are their professional peers and facing the same issues, joining an exclusive alliance of business peers. The program begins with registration as participants join an online community where they can begin to exchange questions and ideas.
  • Instructive: Experienced, senior-level ULI members and other professionals will present practical, experience-based operational best practices, as well as personal lessons learned in an intimate, interactive setting. Through both direct instruction and panel discussions, participants will learn strategies to take their company to the next level and enhance their own personal career fulfillment.
  • Collaborative: Participants will work together with their peers. They will draw on each other’s experience and build new relationships that will provide ideas for finding solutions to the business problems they face right now and will face long after the program ends.