Creating an Effective Investment Proposal Template

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November 12, 2013 @ 1:30 pm
November 14, 2013 @ 3:30 pm
Live Online
Online DC United States
David Mulvihill, Vice President, Professional Development


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Held over two sessions, this new online and live program will focus on the general structure of an investment proposal for seeking equity capital. The program will use a sample case study project to illustrate the components of an effective equity investment proposal.

The first session will begin with a review of the general table of contents and format for an effective and efficient investment proposal.  The session will address in detail individual template sections and provide an overview of the equity capital investor’s principal interests and concerns that should be addressed in the proposal.

In the second session attendees will complete the investor template and a detailed review of each section will be undertaken.  A further detailed review of the sample project case write-up will also be undertaken to further point out the qualities of an effective equity investment proposal, including the recommended listed sections and suggested locations for information and source information.


Roger StaigerRoger Staiger
Managing Director
Stage Capital

Roger Staiger is managing director for Stage Capital LLC, an international real estate advisory firm providing expertise to clients in areas of global portfolio management and asset repositioning. Staiger, through Stage Capital, has successfully repositioned over $500 million in distressed and inefficient real estate projects globally.

During his 20-year career, Staiger has worked in a number of industries at senior levels. He was managing director for Constellation Energy’s retail commodity division, CFO for Caruso Homes, and a portfolio manager for a large commingled pension fund in New York.

Staiger holds multiple degrees, including a BS in electrical engineering, an MBA in investments, an MA in international transactions, and an MS in finance. Currently, he holds faculty positions in the real estate departments at Georgetown University and Johns Hopkins University.

Staiger makes numerous capital market and economic presentations to organizations internationally. He also appears regularly on television and is often quoted in national periodicals and local newspapers.

Registration Fee

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Nonmember: $295
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Program Highlights

Session I

  • Understanding of the basic structure and components of the proposal template
  • Examples and samples of sections and why they need to be succinct and concise
  • Available web products and services for the template
  • Summary statistics for the investor (short- and long-term)
  • Ownership structure and selling the project ‘people’


Session II

  • Case Study approach to completing an investment template
  • Complete Table of Contents for an investment template
  • Understanding of the difference between the investment template and a complete business plan and strategic plan
  • Understanding the  approach for completing a summary of the project