Workshop: Implementing Sustainable Development in your community

Sustainable development policies and practices are becoming a high priority for local governments. The Rose Center created a workshop curriculum structured for local public officials to learn about valuable tools and tactics they can use to implement sustainable development practices in their communities, such as revising their building and zoning codes for green building design.

In 2011, the Home Depot Foundation – Sustainable Cities Institute (SCI) awarded ULI’s Rose Center a grant to present this workshop – Implementing Sustainable Development in Your Community – to three communities in the SCI Pilot City Program.

Delivered to almost 100 local government officials in Atlanta, GA; Charleston, SC; and Fayetteville, AR, the Sustainable Development workshop shared knowledge and practices in order to aid local officials to:
•    Improve knowledge and context for sustainability at the community level,
•    Learn about policy tools and measurements,
•    Discover local project/programs already implementing sustainable development practices in the their region,
•    Define the most effective role public officials can play in creating more sustainable communities in their communities.

2 comments on “Workshop: Implementing Sustainable Development in your community

  1. Do you have any material from the workshop? How did your workshop go? I’m a co-director of the APA CA Northern Sustainability Committee and am working with a developer friend active with ULI to create a workshop for developers on applied sustainable development.

    • Thanks, Scott. The reference and case study files for each workshop are now online. The workshops went well! Please feel free to email any questions you have about the program to We are happy to share more detail about our program.

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