Webinar: Developing Community Connections in a Virtual World

Developing Community Connections in a Virtual World – a social media ‘how-to’ for public officials

As social networking continues to gain popularity and businesses refine the medium as a marketing and public outreach tool, public agencies and public officials are also learning how to harness this resource to transcend the traditional tools of community planning and decision-making.

The ULI Rose Center for Public Leadership is pleased to provide a two-part series about how social media is giving public entities the gift of being able to converse directly with their audiences and how to use these communication streams for strategic community outreach and citizen engagement.

Please join us for the following events:

Social Media 101: creating good habits to support public partnership and engagement

An introduction for personal, professional, and public agency use of social media outlets. Includes key concepts for developing online profiles and connecting with virtual constituencies.

Social Media 101 presentation slides
Social Media 101 presentation audio

Social Media 102: leveraging social networking and media outlets to improve communities and policymaking

A tutorial on how to employ your online network to catalyze community engagement in building livable cities.

Social Media102 presentation slides.
Social Media 102 presentation audio (mp3 file)


Jess Zimbabwe
Executive Director, ULI Rose Center for Public Leadership

Julia Klaiber
Director of External Affairs, CEOs for Cities

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