Rose Center Webinar: Parking Reform

Thursday, 24 January 2013
10:00AM PST/ 1:00PM EST

Parking Reform: how parking innovations can encourage transit- and pedestrian-friendly infill development

Many cities are experiencing a transformation from predominantly downtown industrial and commercial spaces, to neighborhoods that are dynamic with mixed-uses of commercial, retail, and residential. As a result, citizens want convenient mobility in the urban core and municipalities are interested in further supporting sustainable, transit-oriented development – yet, many communities stumble over how to attain these mutual goals through parking policies.

In October 2012, the City of Sacramento passed a progressive, comprehensive citywide parking zoning code. The Zoning Code Parking Update modernized parking regulations to reflect the urban form and address the challenges of redeveloping existing urban and traditional neighborhoods. The measure, passed with unanimous City Council support, provides effective tools to reduce parking impacts to neighborhoods while encouraging more development that is transit- and pedestrian-friendly.

For those interested in learning more about transitioning from auto-oriented zoning to transit-oriented zoning, this webinar outlines the issue of parking reform and how municipalities can plan for better transit access by evaluating and, potentially, revising their existing parking regulations.

Parking Reform presentation slides
Parking Reform audio

Presentations by:

Mark Gander, Director, Mobility and Development, AECOM; Board Member, Green Parking Council

Tom Pace Principal Planner City of Sacramento








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