Ten Principles for Building Healthy Places District Council Speaker Series Spring 2014

Principle 1: Put People First

Principle 1: Put People First

In late January, Maureen McAvey presented findings from the Ten Principles for Building Healthy Places report at the inaugural meeting of ULI’s Carolinas District Councils in Charlotte. This report, which is the newest report in the Ten Principles series, distills lessons-learned from the three Advisory Services panels ULI conducted in the spring of 2013, as well as insights from a workshop attended by experts from a variety of fields.

The principles described in this report, if acted upon, will help people live longer, more productive lives, encourage healthy choices and lifestyles as well as improve a community’s competitive advantages. Developers, investors, local governments, and citizens all prosper from a healthy community.

Participants in the District Council events heard from ULI staff, prominent members, and local response panels about how the principles outlined in this report can be used to design and build healthier places in their communities. The programs, held in 19 cities across the country, provided an opportunity for information sharing and strategy discussions. Where available, resources and press from the events are listed below.




Building Healthy Places Speaking Events (all in 2014): 

ULI Carolinas, Charlotte, NC, January 23-24
ULI New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM, February 21
ULI Northwest, Portland, OR, February 25
ULI Northwest, Olympia, WA, February 25
ULI Northwest, Seattle, WA, February 26
ULI Idaho, Boise, ID, February 19
ULI Idaho, Coeur d’Alene, ID, February 27 (Press: Building healthier places – one step at a time)
ULI Michigan, Detroit, MI, March 6
ULI Nevada, Las Vegas, NV, March 6
ULI Southwest Florida, Estero, FL, March 12 (Press: ULI’s ‘Building Healthy Places’ Initiative comes to Estero)
ULI Hawaii, Honolulu, HI, March 13 (Resources from event: ULI Hawaii Healthy Places)
ULI Southeast Florida/Caribbean, Miami, FL, March 13
ULI Cleveland, Cleveland, OH, March 19
ULI Philadelphia, Bethlehem, PA, March 19 (Press: Panel urges developers to ‘build healthy’)
ULI Kansas City, Kansas City, MO, March 25
ULI Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH, March 26
ULI North Florida, Jacksonville, FL, March 26 (Press: Making the Northbank a healthier place)
ULI Richmond, Richmond, VA, March 26
ULI New York, New York, NY, April 24

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  1. How about coming to Hong Kong! In some ways it’s already one of world’s healthiest places – it’s dense, mixed use, over half of the land is green space and people walk a lot because of the close proximity of destinations, fast and frequent public transport services and disincentives for using cars. In some other ways health issues exist as a result of small living spaces, overcrowded places and air pollution which mean there’s still a lot to be desired.

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