ULI Chicago Investigates Infrastructure Game Changers

Image courtesy of ULI Chicago

Image courtesy of ULI Chicago

ULI Infrastructure Initiative releases toolkit to share ULI Chicago’s innovative infrastructure evaluation process.


What are the game-changing projects in your community?

Rallying around this question, ULI Chicago’s Infrastructure Committee developed evaluation criteria and investigated planned infrastructure projects for two very different regions within the greater Chicago metropolitan area. As part of an extensive outreach campaign, the Committee produced two reports:

Regional Infrastructure in Northeastern Illinois: Infrastructure’s Role in Maintaining Greater Chicago’s Competitive Edge identifies nine regionally significant infrastructure projects in the seven counties of Northeastern Illinois and explains how they could influence land use and impact economic development.

The Lakeshore Industrial Heritage Corridor: Infrastructure’s Role in Revitalizing Lake Michigan’s South Shore Communities looks at infrastructure and development in the border region of Chicago and Northwest Indiana.

“ULI Chicago’s game changers process combines the evaluation of planned infrastructure projects with outreach to the public and private sectors in ways that can spark new conversations about building the future,” says Rachel MacCleery, ULI vice president for infrastructure. ULI Infrastructure Initiative has developed the Infrastructure Game Changers Toolkit for Impact that describes the process, including its evaluation, outreach, and resource components, and summarizes the ULI Chicago studies.

The infrastructure game changers process and the two ULI Chicago studies were supported by the ULI/Curtis Regional Infrastructure Project and ULI Infrastructure Initiative. Contact Rachel MacCleery, rachel.maccleery@uli.org, for more information on identifying the infrastructure game changers in your region.

Download the Toolkit for Impact