Connecting Florida: How ULI’s Florida District Councils Changed the Conversation About Transit

Connecting Florida

ULI Infrastructure Initiative helps Florida raise awareness about the importance of transportation and land use.


The five District Councils in Florida conducted a statewide educational and outreach strategy focused on the integration of land use and transportation. Connecting Florida engaged state government and public and private sector leaders in Florida’s five largest metropolitan regions.

ULI Infrastructure Initiative staff worked closely with the representatives from the five District Councils to craft an outreach campaign and outline a research report on the importance of coordinating transit and land use to Florida’s future.

Connecting Florida: Transit and Florida’s Economy, released in April 2010, launched metropolitan and state-level discussions.

ULI Southeast Florida/Caribbean released the Connecting Florida report at an event that brought together the three MPOs in southeast Florida and transit agencies from across the region. The program, attended by 200 participants, was just the start of numerous outreach events.

ULI Central Florida attracted standing-room only crowds to Connecting Florida events that discussed opportunities to integrate rail and land use, playing off the coming SunRail commuter rail line.

ULI North Florida reached out to the Jacksonville Transportation Authority, the Florida Department of Transportation regional district, and other transportation and land use decision-makers from across the region.

ULI Southwest Florida began conversations with the MPOs and local leaders about new efforts to link housing, jobs, services, and travel corridors.

ULI Tampa Bay used Connecting Florida to increase its standing as a regional leader for transportation and land use. ULI Tampa Bay developed additional educational tools and outreach materials as the region debated a series of significant proposals affecting the future of regional transportation.

Statewide Outreach: Connecting Florida’s state-level outreach component included briefing materials to the state legislature and governor’s office timed to coincide with crucial decisions and transitions in leadership.