Statewide and Regional Summits

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This is a 1.5 day conference that brings members from ULI District Council’s across the state or region together to focus on specific issues, conduct region wide product council meetings, workshops, and mobile tours. The 5 District Councils in Florida have conducted two annual summits to date. The 4 District Councils in Texas have conducted one statewide summit and a second is planned.  The 3 District Councils in North Carolina had their first regional summit in January, 2014.


To connect members who are leading experts and practitioners to one another from across the State and Region. The forum provides opportunities for meaningful dialog between District Councils, the sharing of best practices, professional development, and opportunities to see ULI in action while still connected to the region or state.
Role of the District Council: ULI staff members coordinate the logistics of the summit while members from all participating District Councils staff a summit committee to develop the agenda, speakers, and market the event with for sponsors. Chairs of the District Councils meet monthly or more often as needed for 8-10 months in advance of the summit. Considerable staff time is needed to organize, plan, and deliver the summit.


200 – 400 People


The budget for the event is approximately $200,000. This covers significant staff time, travel, and lodging at the summit as well as the venue, catering, AV, and room setups. At the end of the Summit, the District Councils decide how to divide the net profits between reimbursements for staff time and a reserve for next summit.


1 Year