Awards Programs

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Many District Councils have Awards Programs. These programs can recognize outstanding leaders in the Real Estate industry, different kinds of developments, or innovative public policies.  See examples of different awards programs offered by District Councils in the box to the right.

Chicago’s Vision Awards, for example, honor projects and programs that use creative development practices, innovative partnerships, or sharing of resources.  Nominees are evaluated by a jury of peers in the industry. Winners receive a commemorative award and are featured on and in ULI Chicago’s quarterly newsletter.  Qualifying winners are eligible for submission to the ULI Global Awards for Excellence.


The purpose of awards programs is to recognize leaders, projects, and/or programs that advance our mission.  These programs typically draw media attention and raise the visibility of the ULI brand in the community.  These programs are good sources of revenue for District/National Councils.


Both staff and members play important roles in the organization of Awards Programs.  In Chicago, for example, a working committee of four members is responsible for marketing the program, coordinating the applications, and securing sponsorships.


Attendance has ranged from 150-700.


The budgets for awards programs depends on the venue and other logistics.  For example, some District Councils hold awards ceremonies at cocktail receptions, others hold sit down dinners.  In Chicago, for example, the awards program is held in the evening. The budget and the expenses are typically in the range of $55,000; Tables are sold for $2,500- $3,000, while individual tickets are priced at $95 and $150. ULI Chicago often underwrites a number of tickets to make sure appropriate elected officials attend.


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