Business on Board

Image courtesy of Urban Land

Image courtesy of Urban Land

Business on Board is a series of articles in Urban Land magazine exploring the shifting role of the private sector in advancing transit. Business on Board is part of a suite of ULI Infrastructure Initiative activities supported by the Rockefeller Foundation.

Using Special Assessment Districts to Fund Transit Investments by Rachel MacCleery and Casey Peterson, October 2012. “Special assessments for transit can be used to channel revenues from property tax rate increases to fund transit construction, operations, or related infrastructure improvements.”

Hidden Transit: How Employers and Property Managers are Taking Transit into their Own Hands by Sarah Jo Peterson, September 2012. “Private companies are going the last mile to ensure that their facilities are well served by transit. And they see it as a way to maintain their competitive edge.” ‘Hidden Transit’ Article on Planetizen

HealthLine Drives Growth in Cleveland by Jason Hellendrung, July 2012. “By connecting downtown with University Circle, the BRT service contributes to the unification of Cleveland’s top economic generators across the entire city.” ‘HealthLine’ Article on Planetizen

Regional Transit: Regrouping in the Tampa Bay Area by Sarah Jo Peterson, June 2012. “The Tampa Bay area still seems positioned to eventually join Denver, Salt Lake City, and Seattle—regions that also found their way forward after initial ‘no’ votes on plans for regional transit.”

NoMa: The Neighborhood that Transit Built by Rachel MacCleery and Jonathan Tarr, retweeted by Richard Florida, February 2011. “An infill transit station, built with significant private sector funding, helped transform a desolate swath of Washington, D.C., into a vibrant, vital, mixed-use neighborhood.” ‘NoMa’ Article on Planetizen

Utah Business Embrace Light Rail by Rachel MacCleery and Jonathan Tarr, December 2011. “In Utah, business leaders have helped propel the region’s full-speed-ahead investment in transit and connecting infrastructure.”

Seattle and Suburbs Find Innovative Compromise to Save Transit by Sarah Jo Peterson, August 2011. “Recognizing the importance of a stable and healthy King County Metro, a coalition of business, environmental, and transit advocates in Washington state helped save the transit system from drastic cuts.”