Thousand Lantern Lake Park System—2015 Urban Open Space Winner

Thousand Lantern Lake Park System

The Thousand Lantern Lake Park system represents a defining infrastructural success that’s integral to Nanhai’s strategic approach of urban transformation over the past 15 years. The Nanhai District exemplifies a successful, people-oriented urban development mode, and provides creative solutions for attracting people to its newly constructed Guangdong Financial High-tech Industrial Zone. …
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Railroad Park—2012 Urban Open Space Award Winner

Rail Road Park

Railroad Park in Birmingham, Alabama occupies the historical seam created by a rail viaduct that bisects downtown. The new topography integrates the train experience with a variety of new open space activities, which help organize and stimulate growth in the southern part of downtown, while promoting connections north of the railroad….
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Campus Martius — 2010 Urban Open Space Award Winner

UOSA 2010 Winner -- Campus Martius (alternate)

Campus Martius Park has become the heart of downtown Detroit’s development story and its signature public space. The goals of the park were to revitalize the center of downtown—to be the city’s gathering place, a catalyst for economic development, a beautiful signature square, and a positive image for Detroit locally and internationally, year round….
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