National Experts Provide Input and Recommendations to ULI’s Demonstration Corridors


National Study Visits in Nashville, Denver, Los Angeles, and Boise brought national experts together with local leaders to recommend priorities and next steps for ULI’s Demonstration Corridors in their quest to become more health promoting for the people who live, work, and travel along them….
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ULI Housing Leaders Join Partnership for a Healthier America, a Coalition of Industries Fighting Obesity

The Partnership for a Healthier America is keen to recruit to its network developers of affordable and mixed-income housing, which serve poor individuals and families who often have worse health outcomes than the population at large, including higher rates of obesity, chronic disease, and premature mortality. Among PHA’s list of partners are two active ULI members who see their inclusion in PHA as a way to elevate an issue they care deeply about—using housing as a tool to improve the health among residents and the quality of life in their communities. …
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