Manitoba Hydro Place — 2012 Global Awards for Excellence Winner

Manitoba Hydro Place

Manitoba Hydro Place is a state-of-the art energy efficient, cost-effective structure exemplar of sustainable development. While meeting the business needs of Manitoba Hydro, the office building was designed to catalyse revitalization in Winnipeg’s downtown. …
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Accident Fund Holdings — 2012 Global Awards for Excellence Winner

Accident Fund Holdings

The Christman Company, a 118-year-old full-service construction firm, assembled a team to redevelop the site on which stood a dilapidated, out of commission power station and connected to a city parking deck. Discussions with previous client, Accident Fund, led to the discovery that the insurance company wanted to remain in downtown Lansing, Michigan, but would soon outgrow their original location. …
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Tour FIRST — 2012 Global Award for Excellence Finalist

Tour First

Originally conceived as three identical wings around a central core, the refurbished Tour FIRST tower retains the integrity of the original whilst providing a modern interpretation of the concept and vastly improving the environmental performance and internal conditions and circulation….
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ENER[GIE]NGER — 2011 Global Award for Excellence Winner


In November 2006 with the idea of an “energy spiral”, Peter Lorenz won the contract put up for tender by the property developer. The geometry of a “band-spiral” creates a unique tunnel-like area, which by means of the side intersection surfaces exposed to light, throws a fascinating ray of light onto the slanting walls….
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