Real Estate Development: Principles and Process

The four spreadsheets available here for download demonstrate the property income analysis process that is described on pages 219 to 232 in Chapter 9. Each table corresponds to a table in the book of the same number. Please note that the spreadsheet for Figure 9-12 includes tabs for the four other tenants in the Gateway Business Center and one tab for the vacant space, in addition to the cash flow and summary for EZ International that is presented in the book.

The spreadsheets presented here are intended for educational purposes. ULI has sought to ensure the accuracy of these spreadsheets, but does not warrant that they are accurate. The Institute is not responsible for any errors or miscalculations that may result from the use of these spreadsheets.

Figure 9-12 Individual Tenant Cash Flow Summary (Excel)
Figure 9-13 Unleveraged Property Analysis (Excel)
Figure 9-14 Leveraged Property Analysis (Excel)

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