Tangshan Nanhu Eco-City Central Park – 2013 Global Awards for Excellence Finalist

Tangshan Nanhu Central Park - Featured Image

About Tangshan Nanhu Eco-City Central Park

Location: Tangshan, China
Developer: Tangshan Nanhu Eco-City Management Committee
Designer: Beijing Tsinghua Tongheng Urban Planning & Design Institute
Size: 6.3 million square meters

Tangshan Nanhu Eco-City Central Park, located in Tangshan City in northeastern China, is a coal mine reclamation project. A former 1,557-acre wasteland is now an urban recreational public space.

Tangshan City is known for its coal mining industry. After a major earthquake in 1976, many mined areas in the project site collapsed and were used as a landfill and sewage lagoon.

In less than three years, the wasteland was transformed into the largest urban central park in northeastern China. The park design emphasizes the harmony between humans and nature with sustainable practices such as materials reuse and recycling, stormwater management, erosion control, and wildlife habitat restoration. The environmental quality of Tangshan City was improved, a public open space was created, and habitats for urban wildlife were rehabilitated.

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