Tamar Development Project – 2014 Global Awards for Excellence Winner

Credit: Rocco Design Architects Ltd.

Credit: Rocco Design Architects Ltd.

About Tamar Development Project

Location: Hong Kong, China
Client: Chief Secretary for Administration’s Office, HKSAR Government
Designers: Rocco Design Architects Ltd., Architectural Services Department, HKSAR Government, HOK, et al
Size: 4.2 hectares

The Tamar Development Project is an intricately composed complex integrating four principal facilities of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR): the Chief Executive’s Office, the Central Government Offices, the Legislative Council Complex and the Tamar Park. The design concept of the Tamar Development embodies four themes: Openness (“Door always Open”), Enjoyment (“Land always Green”), Sustainability (“Sky will be Blue”), and Communication (“People will be Connected”). To enhance the connectivity from the city center to the Waterfront Promenade, the Legislative Council Complex and the Chief Executive’s Office are located on either sides of the site, flanking the Tamar Park and angling towards the Waterfront to provide a gesture of unity for the whole development.

Above all, it is about the spirit of sharing: how a prime site in the center of the city could be shared not only by the Chief Executive’s Office, the Central Government Offices and the Legislative Council Complex, but also by the public in such a way that all parties could function without interference from one another, while at the same time sharing the common attribute of the city, such as the harbor and the waterfront. The site area is about 4.2 hectares. The gross floor area of the development is about 131,000 square meters and an open space of about 2 hectares.

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