The MixC – 2014 Global Awards for Excellence Finalist

Credit: Hansen / MF Vision

Credit: Hansen / MF Vision

About The MixC

Location: Shenyang, China
Developer: China Resources Land (Shenyang) Co., Ltd.
Designer: RTKL Associates Inc.
Size: 20 acres

The MixC is a luxurious seven level retail environment links office, residential, and hotel functions in a dense block that responds to Shenyang’s growing space needs. Originally designed as a multi-phased development, the rapidly escalating rate of change in Shenyang sped the construction of the initial three phases, which are now complete. In total, MixC represents 125,000 square meters of retail, a 65,000 square meters office tower, 105,000 total square meters of residential towers, 24,000 square meters of meeting space, and a five-star Grand Hyatt hotel tower.

Luxury retailers are expressed with sophisticated modern architecture through unique textures and materiality, yet maintain harmony within the overall design. A spatially dramatic prow-shaped winter garden engages the office and hotel towers with the retail mall using a series of multilevel connections: a grand stair and escalator escorts visitors from the office and hotel buildings into the shopping mall; a bridge connects hotel visitors directly to the mall; and entries at both ends of the winter garden ensure easy and intuitive access to the office, hotel, and meeting space from the sidewalk. The winter garden combines abundant natural light and exhilarating scale with a delicate, reflective 200 foot-long sculpture. Finally, the winter garden’s form provides an instantly recognizable icon for the project, one that paradoxically unifies disparate component parts by virtue of its own unique identity. The rich spatial interaction between these programs ties into the brand identity for the Mix C client, which in English, refers to a “mix of elements”.

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