Corvin Promenade – 2014 Global Awards for Excellence Winner

Credit: Futureal Group

Credit: Futureal Group

About Corvin Promenade (Corvin Sétány)

Location: Budapest, Hungary
Developer: Futureal Group
Designer: Rév8, IN-VI, M_hely Zrt.
Size: 22 hectares

Corvin Promenade is the ongoing regeneration of a 22 hectare area within the center of Budapest at the core of what was once considered that cities most troubled and dilapidated district. An innovative urban design vision and lifestyle program coupled with a sound, developer led, 15 year PPP strategy, has yielded a vibrant, thoroughly mixed use neighborhood with cca. 4.000 residents, over 4.000 workers and a retail and leisure area attracting eight million visitors a year. Though only 55 percent complete, Corvin Promenade has already created a new civic heart to the 8th District and has been a stabilizing force for surrounding areas. It has sought to promote a truly urban, healthy and low carbon lifestyle though programmatic diversity, human scale and the incorporation of renewable energy sources. The authentic character of the neighborhood is protected and emphasized by the enhancement of existing local institutions and through the incremental building process, which engages a myriad of local architects. Corvin Promenade is based on a philosophy of synthesizing the well-being of people, the protection of the planet and of economic viability.

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