2014 Hines Competition Finalist—University of Texas at Austin

University of Texas "Greenheart Village"

Entry Title: Greenheart Village
Team Number: 143067
School: University of Texas at Austin


“Greenheart Village” establishes a new model of urban living, initiating the rebranding of Nashville as an active, healthy, and engaged community. Greenheart Village uses adaptive infrastructure to respond to environmental, social, and economic changes, fostering an environment that encourages adaptation as people engage their local surroundings and a changing world.


  • Yishuen Lo, master of landscape architecture
  • Mark Christopher Nordby, master of architecture
  • Mitchell Peterson, master of architecture
  • Tarek Salloum, master of business administration
  • Katie Summers (team leader), master of landscape architecture
  • Faculty adviser: Simon Atkinson
  • Professional adviser: Steven Spears

Competition Materials

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