2014 Hines Competition Finalist—Harvard University

Harvard University's "Sulphur Dell"

Entry Title: Sulphur Dell
Team Number: 141960
School: Harvard University


The “Sulphur Dell Market District” is a healthy-lifestyle community that catalyzes the revitalization of the city of Nashville, Tennessee, and is prototypical of resilient urbanism for cities of a similar size. The proposal is based on a landscape framework of layered strategies of ecology, mobility, and food, along with creating the conditions for a diverse and resilient urban district that will continue to change and mature over time.


  • Mikhail Thomas Grinwald, master of architecture
  • Wajeha Qureshi (team leader), master of real estate finance
  • PG-Human Smit, master of urban design
  • Aliza Sovani, master of landscape architecture
  • Sonja Vangjeli, master of landscape architecture
  • Faculty adviser: Richard Peiser

Competition Materials

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