2013 Hines Competition Honorable Mention – University of Texas at Austin


Entry Title: Downtown East: Wildly Sophisticated
Award: Honorable Mention for Financial Analysis
Team Number: 1333
School: University of Texas at Austin

About: We envision a transformation of Downtown East that forges connections between people and their environment at multiple scales across Minneapolis. We see Downtown East as a dense, urban district enlivened through the spirit of performance. To achieve this, we propose three coordinated actions in its redevelopment: 1) the expansion of the Hiawatha Trail, an activity-based corridor that prioritizes the circulation of pedestrians, bicyclists, and light-rail users through both the district and the entire regional trail system; 2) the creation of extensive gathering spaces along the Hiawatha Trail that encourage recreation and amusement; and 3) the construction of a welcoming and resilient mixed-use neighborhood designed for all incomes, ages, and seasons and achieving a three-star rating from the Sustainable Sites Initiative™.

Full Narrative Summary
Presentation Board
Site Plan

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