Land Use Impacts of Rising Demand for Medical Facilities

The Outlook for Health Care

The rising demand for medical services to treat aging baby boomers, combined with shifting treatment approaches to curb rising costs, will significantly increase the need for new and refurbished medical office buildings in the decades ahead, according to a new report, The Outlook for Health Care, published by ULI and Seavest Inc….
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Resilient Cities: Surviving in a New World

Resilient Cities

Resilient Cities is based on the conclusions of a workshop sponsored by the ULI Urban Investment Network, an initiative of the Institute’s operations in Europe. It looks at the principles of resilient cities as well as the issues and solutions related to building resilience in European cities. According to the report, resilience should be a main goal for all cities, since international institutions and the private sector are attracted to cities that are better prepared to handle uncertain times….
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