ULI San Francisco Launches WLI Programming Locally

“On April 2, at the ULIsf’s Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI) Organizational Meeting, after 30 years of ULI involvement, Executive Director Elliot Stein found himself in a very unusual situation: he was the only man in the conference room,” says San Francisco YLG member Kara Anderson. April 2, 2013 marked the first organizational meeting of the San Francisco branch of the ULI Women’s Leadership Initiative….
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The WLI Talks to Nina Gruen, ULI’s First Female Trustee

Nina Gruen

Nina Gruen was ULI’s first woman trustee, elected to that post in 1982. She currently is the Principal Sociologist in charge of market research and analysis at her firm, Gruen Gruen + Associates, since co-founding the firm in 1970. The WLI spoke to her about her career path and her recent research on the effects that changing demographics will have on real estate….
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