About Joseph Klem

Joseph Klem is the director of communications at the American Alliance of Museums.

What’s New in New Communities

cover of New Communities guide

Placemaking: Innovations in New Communities, a new guide for business and government decision makers by longtime ULI leader and urban expert Sandy Apgar, presents five pioneering “Innovations” and proposes five new “Initiatives” to promote planned communities for revitalizing established cities and developing new growth areas….
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ULI’s Patrick L. Phillips Participates at Summer Davos Gathering

Church in Tianjin

ULI Chief Executive Officer Patrick Phillips joined a panel of international experts in China to advise local and national stakeholders about addressing major urban development challenges confronting the city of Tianjin, including rapid urbanization. The meeting was held concurrently in Tianjin with the WEF’s Summer Davos gathering of business, government and civil society leaders, and Phillips engaged in a number of other sessions important to ULI’s members….
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Five Female ULI Members Will Get Scholarships to 2012 Fall Meeting

ULI Women's Leadership Initiative

Five female Associate, YLG, and/or student members of ULI will be awarded scholarships to attend the 2012 ULI Fall Meeting in Denver from October 16-19 and advance the mission of the ULI Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI). The scholarship will include complimentary registration and a $1000 reimbursement of expenses related to hotel, airfare, local transport, and meals. Deadline for applications is 11:59 PM on September 9, 2012….
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