Emerging Trends in Real Estate® Europe 2014

Emerging Trends Europe 2014

Europe’s real estate industry expects more and better in 2014. Europe’s economy is growing, and political uncertainty over its future declining. Ireland is seen to be improving; Southern Europe is thought to be past the worst. Equity is flowing in, and debt is becoming easier to find – though how much easier depends on where and for what….
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Emerging Trends in Real Estate Americas 2014

EmergingTrends US 2014 Cover

The U.S. real estate recovery is set to continue into 2014, with investors increasingly looking beyond some of the traditionally popular markets to secondary markets in search of higher yields, according to Emerging Trends in Real Estate® 2014, co-published by PwC US and the Urban Land Institute (ULI)….
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The End of Suburban Sprawl? Observations from Ed McMahon’s Summer Trips

Carmel, Indiana Town Center

Is the end of suburban sprawl here? No, not yet, writes ULI Senior Resident Fellow Ed McMahon. But on his recent trips to communities across the United States to speak about the ULI report “Shifting Suburbs: Reinventing Infrastructure for Compact Development,” he saw ample evidence that the autocentric model that has long characterized American suburbs is changing….
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Building Healthy Places: Three Models in Colorado


The ULI Building Healthy Places Initiative , which will incorporate all components of the global organization, kicked off this spring with a special series of Advisory Services panels convened in three different types of communities in Colorado at the request of the Colorado Health Foundation, which has its own Healthy Places initiative. ULI senior resident fellow Ed McMahon, who was chair of the three panels, offers his observations…
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