Infrastructure Report 2007

Infrastructure Report 2007

Infrastructure 2007: A Global Perspective offers a comprehensive look at the status of current and planned infrastructure investment and development in a variety of categories in countries worldwide, with a particular focus on the United States, China, Japan, India, and Europe. The first of its kind, the report discusses the evolving infrastructure market, including private and combination public-private systems for funding, construction, and operations and management.

The report points to privatization, already widely used in Europe and Australia, as gaining traction in the U.S., particularly in the construction, management and operation of toll roads, bridges and tunnels. Investment funds, sponsored by global investment banks, private equity firms, and institutional money managers are becoming a rapidly expanding source of private funding.

Solving the mobility problems in the U.S. will require more than a greater commitment to infrastructure repair and construction, the report notes. In addition to revamping funding mechanisms for construction and operations, long-term solutions must include rethinking land planning models so they are far less auto-dependent and offer plenty of options for getting from one place to another. If driving continues to be the only practical transportation option in many metropolitan areas, no amount of infrastructure investment will be adequate, the report contends.

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