Atlantic City, NJ: Advisory Services Panel

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Date: March 16-21, 2014

Location: Atlantic City, NJ

Sponsor: Casino Redevelopment Investment Authority

Subject Area: Revitalization of the South Inlet Neighborhood

Panel Chair: Rick Dishnica

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Background and Panel Assignment

The South inlet neighborhood is one of the more challenged areas of Atlantic City, New Jersey. The Casino Reinvestment Development Authority (CRDA) asked the Urban Land Institute to provide advice regarding the revitalization and redevelopment of this area.

Summary of Recommendations

The panel outlined the dilemmas facing the neighborhood and then provided a series of specific strategic recommendations to help the City and the CRDA approach revitalization.  These recommendations include:

  • Rebranding the neighborhood. The panel recommended the neighborhood be rebranded as the Lighthouse District to reflect the prominence of the Absecon Lighthouse.
  • Creating a smaller scale neighborhood. Such a move would help recreate a historic resort community consistent with Atlantic City’s past. This recommendation included block by block density and design recommendations for the entire area including a stepped-down density transition from the casino area into the Lighthouse District.
  • Rehabilitating several of the historic blocks and establishing and artist’s community. The panel concluded that doing so would help spur additional housing and commercial.
  • Establishing a governing and institutional framework. This framework should be a partnership between the City, the CRDA, the county and other institutions to help move toward a revitalized neighborhood
  • Considering various strategies to diversify the economy. Economic diversity is important for the future success of Atlantic City, so that the city does not rely too heavily on the gaming industry


One comment on “Atlantic City, NJ: Advisory Services Panel

  1. jobs are critical to the future in ac. other cities, like wilmington, de, have secured major corporate entities with tax abatements. ac, as stockton college has made more evident by its acquisition of the showboat, has plenty of potential office space. and, as stockton’s purchase demonstates, a build-out of an existing structure can be enormously cheaper than new construction.

    for instance, why not convert at least ten floors of the revel into office space for whatever commercial enterprises can be lured to ac (travel industry, insurance, for example)? better jobs provide the basis for stability and must be part of the plan for ac.

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